World’s First Passive Kinetic Energy Charger – nPower PEG

World’s First Passive Kinetic Energy Charger – nPower PEG

Jul 2, 2011

The sun’s light rays could be the most promising renewable energy source as of today. This technology is used in many parts of the world. It could be seen in your calculators, roofs of houses and buildings, cars and even trains. But still not implemented widely for general home use because the materials and maintenance is a little bit pricey. The good thing is human ingenuity didn’t stop there, there are companies who invest a vast amount of money to discover and invent new techniques to harvest energy from different forms. In this post I will show you a kinetic energy charger that can charge your smartphones while you’re walking and similar activities.

The new nPower PEG passive kinetic energy charger

The new nPower PEG passive kinetic energy charger

Tremont Electric company discovered how to squeeze some energy on moving objects. Though this discovery was already introduced almost two years ago, I just like to note that it was a huge success. The proof? Since September last year when they began shipping this great product, many people are still waiting to have this innovative gadget charger. If you will go to their website you will be ask to provide your contact information because currently they are back-ordered and will contact you as soon as the device becomes available. According to the company executives, the PEG(personal energy generator) will be available for sale online within a month or two.

Passive Kinetic Personal Energy Generator

First Generation Passive Kinetic Personal Energy Generator

The nPower PEG is just about twice the size of a medium-size smartphone. It’s cylindrical in shape and utilizes a magnet that is placed between two springs. Power was generated when vibration or motion was detected that makes the magnet moves up and down. This is great for people who hikes, bikes, run and even walk. They only have to put this thing on their backpacks and viola, their precious iPhone or iPod will be fully charge again. It weighs only 11 ounces and said to be able to generate electricity equal to the power consumption of an iPod Nano. But there’s a little bit problem if you’re out of bucks, it will costs you $159 to get this thing on your bag. Though expensive, the nPower PEG can become an indespensable tool for researchers, hikers and climbers alike that usually go to an isolated place.

What do you think of the nPower PEG kinetic energy charger? Can it hold to its promise of bringing enough charge to your mobile devices? Tell us what you think by posting your comments below.

The nPower PEG personal energy generator captures and stores the kinetic energy created from walking, running and biking and even just having it sit in your car! It will recharge your mobile electronic devices. ?Slip the PEG into a pack, bag or purse and go about your usual activities; as you move, its 2,000 mAh lithium ion polymer battery charges ?PEG can also be charged from a computer using the included USB cable ?When you’re moving, the PEG charges itself with out any additional effort on your part; when your device needs a charge, simply plug it into your PEG and press the button ?Internal battery holds a full charge for up to 100 days sitting still; add movement and it will continue to stay charged even longer ?If the battery is empty, vigorously shaking the PEG for 10 min. will give you enough power to make a short phone call from a dead phone ?Comes with USB cable for charging from a computer, cable for connecting PEG to your device that needs to be charged and microUSB adapter tip ?The nPower PEG personal energy generator is compatible with thousands of devices including phones, cameras, GPS, music players, game devices, eReaders, LED lights and radios ?Note: this product is not compatible with laptops, netbooks or iPad® tablets Made in USA

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