Microsoft Is Joining The Social Networking Bandwagon with Tulalip

Microsoft Is Joining The Social Networking Bandwagon with Tulalip

Jul 16, 2011

While Google is busy rolling out Google Plus to the rest of the world, Microsoft is on the move to launch its own. It seems that Microsoft has finally decided to join the social networking battle going on between Google and Facebook. This could help the software giant to gain dominance again which they have previously enjoyed. To continue, a discovery made by the name of J.B. from Fusible reveals that Microsoft is also busy creating their new social networking site. He found out that Microsoft is the owner of the domain name Because when he try to launch the page, he found this:


“Welcome! With Tulalip you can find what you need and Share what you know easier than ever.”

Microsoft's Social Networking Site?

Microsoft’s Social Networking Site?


Tulalip is the name of a group of Native American tribes located not far from Redmond, Washington where Microsoft headquartes is located. Sounds interesting? The word ‘Find’ would suggest that this can be used as a search engine but its not because Microsoft already already had Bing on their side. It will just act as a frontend but the processing for search results will be handled of course by Bing. But the word ‘Share’ when it comes to your mind will let you think that this Tulalip works just like Twitter, Friendster, Facebook and Google Plus. It also allows you to login to the site using your Facebook or Twitter account.

Though the site is currently not yet available, the image below will prove that this is a Microsoft site.



I tried to access the site today but it appears that what J.B. has found is a mistake of a Microsoft employee during their test of the site. Is it intentional or not? Will you join Tulalip if you find it more appealing than Facebook or Goole Plus? Let us know by dropping your comments below.

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