Friendster is Back!

Friendster is Back!

Jul 14, 2011

Out of curiosity as to what Friendster folks is doing, I take a visit at the site. When the site loads up I saw a newly designed Friendster website that has a clean and cool interface. Though it’s currently in beta stage, it was totally different with the previous look and feel before the site goes down for overhauling. Then I tried to look around by logging in. I almost forgot my password but after attempting several times, I finally get in. On your first login, you will be ask to change your default profile picture or ‘avatar’. You can do this by uploading a file or choosing from the list of pictures already provided by the site. The default pictures are cool enough if you don’t have one save on your computer.

During my stay, one question crossed my mind. What will I do in this site? When I saw ‘Explore Games’, I finally got the notion of Friendster is becoming like Facebook. There are plenty of games to choose from and just like playing FarmVille on Facebook, you can play those games with your online friends. What’s more (though I’m not sure) is that ‘Rewards’ will allow us to buy something from the internet.

I get this hint because MOL or Money Online which is the current owner of Friendster, has a flagship product of MOLPoints. This is the leading virtual currency across Asia for online games and digital products. MOL is also linked online to 88 banks in 9 countries worldwide. If what I’m thinking will become possible, we can earn money just by playing online and having fun.

For the first time, maybe I’ll try playing games hosted by Friendster. Who knows? The idea of monetizing ‘Rewards’ could become a reality someday. =P

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