Be The First – How To Get The New Google Mail

Be The First – How To Get The New Google Mail

Jul 3, 2011

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Have you heard already the news that Google will launced the new Google Mail? I think that this will be in synch with the launching of Google+. If you don’t have one, get it now in preparation to join the new Google+ social networking site that I think will be on top of Facebook if this project will become successful. If you do have Gmail, you can now enjoy the smooth and cleaner look of the new Google Mail if you want to. If you’re like me, I like exploring things on my own.

Accidentally I found two new themes in Gmail. When I loaded the theme, it looks like much the same how Google+ trial looks like. So currently I am using it right now and currently happy about it. But take note that it might still be under testing by Google itself. It might contain bugs ang glitches we were never heard of. If you’ll encounter problems, just switch back to your old theme and it should go away.

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The New Google Mail

So basically what I’m trying to tell you is to change your theme. But how and what is the name of the theme? Okay, here’s how. On the upper right corner of your Gmail interface you will see a gear or wheel icon. Click that icon and click ‘Mail Settings’. After the Mail Settings loads up, click the ‘Themes’ tab. Then you will be presented by a lot of themes, but if you will look at the last two themes named Preview(Dense) and Preview you will see that it is different from the others. The name suggest that it is a beta test being done by Google programmers. By the way just select between the two and you will now have the future look of Google Mail. Yoi ichinichi o! (Have a nice day!)

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