Gets OWNED by Lulz Security Gets OWNED by Lulz Security

Jun 14, 2011

“Name and Shame”, this is the message that this group is trying to convey to us. Recently Lulz get’s a peek into the database of to see numerous government officials and even military personnel who loves porn.

“Hi! We like porn (sometimes), so these are email/password combinations from which we plundered for the lulz.

“Check out these government and military email addresses that signed up to the porn site…They are [obviously way] too busy fapping to defend their country.” — Lulz Security

They even exposed the usernames and passwords of about 25,000 users on the said porn site. The group also suggest playing around with the exposed accounts to login to different sites like Facebook and exploit the situation.

But on the other hand Facebook security already make the move in re-setting the passwords of the accounts included in the list. The only good but the most important lesson about this incident is that we should not used same username/password combination on different sites. Check the exposed list, you might know some friends and advised them also to reset their passwords.

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