MySQL Tutorial

MySQL Tutorial

Apr 9, 2011

Starting today, I’ll be posting topics that covers installing MySQL database, populating tables and updating tables etc.

The overall discussions will be divided into the following:

1. Installing MySQL database.

2. Installing the GUI tools (MySQL Administrator, MySQL Browser etc.).

3. Use mysql command line tool to login to the database.

4. Create/Add/Delete database(schema).

5. Create/Add/Delete tables
MySQL data types
Add/Delete fields/columns

6. Create users and assigning permissions.
– use MySQL Administrator

7. Populating tables.
INSERT statement
LOAD DATA statement

8. Retrieving data.
SELECT statement
– Exporting data

9. Using two or more tables/databases.

10. Advance MySQL

11. The Design Process
– Business Process->the way a business performs its duties to meet its goals

– Business Objects->A business object is a component of the business process. It is one of the cogs that makes the wheels of business turn. Example of a business object are tables that contains fields that describe the object.

– Business Rules->can be established rule(imposed by the business) or implied rule(based on common sense). Established rule: ; Implide

– Modeling the Database
– Establishing Relationships
– Creating the Database

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