MySQL Tutorial

MySQL Tutorial

Apr 9, 2011

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Starting today, I’ll be posting topics that covers installing MySQL database, populating tables and updating tables etc.

The overall discussions will be divided into the following:

1. Installing MySQL database.

2. Installing the GUI tools (MySQL Administrator, MySQL Browser etc.).

3. Use mysql command line tool to login to the database.

4. Create/Add/Delete database(schema).

5. Create/Add/Delete tables
MySQL data types
Add/Delete fields/columns

6. Create users and assigning permissions.
– use MySQL Administrator

7. Populating tables.
INSERT statement
LOAD DATA statement

8. Retrieving data.
SELECT statement
– Exporting data

9. Using two or more tables/databases.

10. Advance MySQL

11. The Design Process
– Business Process->the way a business performs its duties to meet its goals

– Business Objects->A business object is a component of the business process. It is one of the cogs that makes the wheels of business turn. Example of a business object are tables that contains fields that describe the object.

– Business Rules->can be established rule(imposed by the business) or implied rule(based on common sense). Established rule: ; Implide

– Modeling the Database
– Establishing Relationships
– Creating the Database

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