How To Connect Two Different Subnets [LAN Tips]

How To Connect Two Different Subnets [LAN Tips]

Apr 20, 2011

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I remember back when my colleagues and I have set up another LAN with a different subnet. It’s main purpose was to serve as a small network where you can learn programming, SQL scripting etc. It was separated from the department LAN so that internet, network games is not accessible from the ‘new’ subnet. This will help the attendees of a particular lesson to focus more on the topics being discussed.

But one day, it was saturday afternoon and there are no ‘cats’ around we decided to use the ‘new’ LAN to serve as game stations. We did this because some of our peers doesn’t have their own workstation so we need to connect the ‘new’ LAN with a different subnet to the department LAN. Just for fun and out of curiousity we decided to configure one of the PC as a ‘gateway’ computer. This will serve as the ‘router’ of all the computers residing on both subnets. Additionally we have no extra bucks to buy a ‘router’ to serve this purpose. 1x1.trans How To Connect Two Different Subnets [LAN Tips]

1x1.trans How To Connect Two Different Subnets [LAN Tips]

The main idea we used to connect two different subnets, is to set one of the NIC(network interface card) installed to serve as the ‘gateway’ of the department LAN and the other to serve as a ‘gateway’ of the new subnet. So we installed an extra NIC on the ‘gateway’ computer. And then we placed the gateway computer between the network switch of the two differently configured subnets. The connection will look like similar to the diagram below. Take note that the gateway PC will sit between the two subnets and connect them using the two ethernet ports.

LAN1—–switch1——NIC1—–GATEWAY PC—–NIC2—–switch2—–LAN2

Configure the NIC1 of the GATEWAY PC as follows:




Configure the NIC2 of the GATEWAY PC as follows:




We reboot the GATEWAY PC after the configuration. Wait for a while so that the GATEWAY PC can ‘learn’ the routing paths. Then we try to ‘ping’ a computer from ‘LAN1′ to ‘LAN2′ and in our surprise it works! Then to test if the configuration really works, we load the ‘Counter Strike’ game. On both subnets we check if the client computers connecting to the ‘game’ server can see it’s IP address. As expected we can now see the game server’s IP address and connect to it. GAME ON! 1x1.trans How To Connect Two Different Subnets [LAN Tips]

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  1. Daniel Ognevchuk /

    How can I do same exact thing but let’s say with more subnets like 3 or 4, if it grows where more people want to connect, I’m not really talking about connect game but in different applications, thanks

    • NUTC24CK32 /

      You have to put more LAN cards on the gateway server then configure the gateways for each LAN card. But now I think you can use a more advanced networking equipment that is more stable compared to a single computer handling all the network traffic of all the subnets.

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